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    [Anticipation] New Priest character!


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    [Anticipation] New Priest character! Empty [Anticipation] New Priest character!

    Post by WAZAAAAA on Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:19 am

    News date: 4/APR/2011

    Title: Commercialization in North America started the Divine Soul

    Source: http://divinesoul.co.kr/web/pds_list.php?pds_num=101&start=0&num=354&mode=&field=&s_que=&gubun=

    Google translated article:
    "The Divine Soul> begin commercialization in North America on April 1!

    - Divine Soul of the North American commercial cruising

    [provided geimpeurik] ㈜ geimpeurik (representing Hong;) developed MORPG 'Divine Soul' in North America starting on April 1 announced the partial pay.
    Starting with the partial pay the fee items showcasing a different character classes' appearance costume items and HP / MP boost functional items such as forms for the Lord.

    With partial pay and at the same time the audit event is in progress. One car, two cars were involved in CBT works to the user pays for a medal to wear on the title and the character of the effect of additional options that can be applied to purchase items needed for the event and charge a 20% discount on the cache can be effective To proceed with an additional charge from the first day events the user is getting a high response.

    Games peu Rick representative of the Hong; "2 years and 3 months after the start of development and commercialization am so happy. Employees with short-term dahaejun best efforts for commercialization of the first out of the U.S. Sparc haejun would like to thank staff.
    Start a new turning point in the commercialization of the game is starting to think, and another to communicate with the user through creating a more interesting game will do my best to go. "he said.

    Divine Soul monetize the service to start this part of the first places in North America, and CBT is now underway in Russia, Japan and Southeast Asia in five countries are going to proceed sequentially.

    Comes a new character at the end of April and is expected to also have a large update the users' expectations are getting higher.

    [Anticipation] New Priest character! 20110404150234_a1ce779e
    To sum it up:
    -Cash Shop released on april 1st EU/NA version with 20% discount
    -The game has been developed since 2 years and 3 months ^^
    -DS is going to be released in Russian, Japan and 5 other countries in Asia
    -New Priest class to be implemented in the end of April, expected to come with a lot of other changes too.

    Currently, the homepage of the korean website is infested with these images:
    [Anticipation] New Priest character! Priest2-zRcIC
    [Anticipation] New Priest character! Priest1-qewYc
    [Anticipation] New Priest character! 2011_promotion
    [Anticipation] New Priest character! 2011_character_01
    [Anticipation] New Priest character! 2011_character_s01i


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